Cathy McGuane

Mother of Two
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Financial Fitness for Kids

  by Cathy McGuane

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These popular and best selling guides are a must for
all parents who are serious about teaching their children
to become good money managers.



A Parents Guide A Kids Guide The Family Pack

A guide to help parents teach the kids about money.

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A fun guide for the kids to work through to help them learn about money.
*Only $12

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A combination of the Parents and the Kids guide for all the family.

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* For orders outside of Australia a $5 shipping fee will be charged per pack 

Cathy's book and advice has changed my children's attitude to money and
hopefully their future financial health - not that they appreciate that
as they are only 8 and 10! They have transformed from net spenders(eg.
always being in debt to mum or dad) to net savers with a reluctance to
spend money. There is very little information in the marketplace to help
parents help their children so I am forever indebted to Cathy - her book
and ensuing discussion has made a real difference.

Terri mother of two, Managing Director


"The 3 most important messages I learnt from Cathy’s book was:

  • never spend the money you don’t earn

  • budgeting your money will allow you to spend it on things you want later on

  • money is important in today’s time."

Sarah (15 yrs)


"After reading Cathy’s book I’m now setting goals, am setting up a savings plan, making my money grow and earning money.  The book was very useful and putting in the chapter on “what other kids have to say” in the book, will make the readers want to read the book."

Renee (14 yrs)


"The 3 most important messages I learnt from Cathy’s book was:

  • Don’t spend what you can’t afford

  • Set goals

  •  Budget"

Joshua (13 yrs)

Laying the foundations now could be one of the most valuable investments you could make in your children’s future.  You are your childrens greatest role models.


"These guides have been supported by some of the largest financial institutions in Australia.  So now is your chance to make a difference."


Financial Fitness for Kids – A Parents Guide 


What you and your children will learn from this excellent educational guide:


v      What you are doing as parents and your own money habits.  This book will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses and help you get on track.  Remember we are our children’s greatest role models – you are the ones who can make a difference.


v      Help your child set goals and step you through the process of achieving that goal. This process not only helps your children manage their money but also is excellent for their self-esteem.  Everyone feels good, you as parents, and the kids, because of the great sense of achievement.  High self-esteem is a must for the youth of today.


v      This system also teaches them deferred gratification.  Credit Cards have created an instant gratification society, we want it now! Teaching deferred gratification gets them into the good habit of waiting until they can afford something before they can buy, hence avoiding the vicious debt cycle.


v      Helps you set up a savings, spending and sharing plan.  This helps your children learn the responsibility of saving but also the importance of having good spending habits…you will learn something to! These lessons help them learn the value of money. It will also teach the concept of sharing – which is a very important lesson for everybody.


v      Plus there are lots of other tips in this guide to help your children. Like teaching them the awareness of marketing and advertising gimmicks, making the most shopping trips and teaching them valuable lessons along the way, the concept of budgeting plus lots more. 





Financial Fitness for Kids – A Kids Guide   $12   


v      Teaches children to identify the difference between needs and wants.  Increasingly this is getting more difficult to do in today’s society.  Marketers have become very savvy in convincing us that we “need” something as opposed to “wanting” something.  This guide provides some tips and activities to help children work through this process.


v      Helps children set financial goals and think about ways to earn money to work towards that goal.  Children should be taught that if you want something you have to work to achieve your goals…money does not grow on trees!  The guide helps children work through the process of achieving their financial goals.  This also teaches them the valuable lesson of deferred gratification.


v      Teaches children to set up a savings plan.  This helps children learn how to budget and about the value of money.  There are some great activities the kids will do to learn to develop these very important habits.  Starting these important lessons now will help set them up for later in life.


v      Albert Eistein says “Compound growth is the eighth wonder of the world”, everyone regardless of age should learn and understand this concept.  The guide explains the difference between simple and compound interest and how your money can grow.  But it also teaches how it can work against you if you are in to much debt!!


v      Plus other tips, stories and activities to make it fun to help children of all ages develop a healthy, balanced attitude towards money. 




 Financial Fitness for Kids – The Family Packs


This pack is a combination of both the Parents Guide and the Kids Guide.  The Financial Fitness for Kids Guides are practical, easy to read books to help parents teach their kids to become good money managers, learn the value of money and become financially responsible


There are great tips, stories, and activities which will help family members of all ages!!



So how can you simply and easily ensure that your kids grow up good money managers and help them avoid the Debt Traps and temptations that await them?

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 Act today to help your kids become great little money managers and give them the financial skills to help them for their whole life!



Kind regards


Cathy McGuane

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