About the Author - Cathy McGuane


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About Author


I am a mother of two young boys, have worked for 20 years in financial services sector in various roles.  I hold a diploma of financial services (financial planning).


After seeing so many people living from pay to pay I realized in most cases it was because they didnít know how to manage their money.  If so what were they teaching their children?


Also I had a close relative who got into financial trouble soon after leaving high school.  It affected his life style, his relationships and his self-esteem.  It was terrible to see the deterioration of such a great kid because of money issues.


So while on maternity leave with my second child I decided to research this topic and find a way to help parents teach their kidís good financial habits.  It cannot be left up to schools to do this, parents need to be active as well.


After starting out doing presentations at schools and various places I received an overwhelming response. I realized I needed a tool, so these books were born as resources for parents and kids.  The key is to start teaching good habits early.


I wanted to have affordable books for all families, so they had to be short, simple and straight to the point. 


I congratulate you for taking an active step in helping your children become good little money managers.  Good luck.